Joe Lopez fans are getting excited at the possibility of a Joe Lopez exoneration. Joe’s legal team is planning to retest DNA evidence that helped convict him for the alleged sex crimes against his niece.

Although Joe Lopez was released on parole in March of 2018, he is not as free as one may think. Joe has to wear an ankle monitor and spend most of his time inside according to reports.
In a recent KVEO news report Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said he will not interfere with DNA evidence being retested if it means the liberation of a wrongfully accused person.
Joe’s legal team is very optimistic and getting all the paperwork ready for retesting of the DNA evidence.

Joe’s Manager, Sandra Treviño said that Joe is currently doing a lot of recording and that we will probably not see him on stage until he’s ready. That looks to be somewhere around 8 months to a year. But she knows that when Joe is ready he will make sure that all his fans that have supported him throughout the years will get the opportunity to see and hear him.

If you’d like to see the full KVEO News report, please click on the link below.

EXCLUSIVE: Tejano singer Joe Lopez's legal team set to retest the DNA evidence that was tainted by his victim's father. He spent 10+ years in prison. Victim is his niece but has changed her story and attempted to extort cash for silence.Lopez refused to pay because "He's innocent."

Posted by KVEO Derick Garcia on Friday, May 18, 2018