In case you’re asking yourself, “Who are Las Divas Tejanas?”…here’s the scoop. LAS DIVAS TEJANAS are none other than Shelly Lares…Stefani Montiel…and the winner of Finding The Next Diva Tejana, Mercedes Cherelle. Finding The Next Diva Tejana nationwide search was a held in April at the Fiesta De Los Reyes event in San Antonio with the purpose of finding the 3rd Diva Tejana. Well now with the 3rd Diva Tejana selected…Shelly, Stefani and Mercedes have released their debut video produced by Ryan Bazan on Friday June 30th. Their original debut song “LAS BRAVAS” was written and produced by Gabriel Zavala, who happened to be the creative director of Finding The Next Diva Tejana.
Please enjoy the debut video of “LAS BRAVAS” by LAS DIVAS TEJANAS