Frankie Caballero felt that the loss of Jimmy Gonzalez was going to leave a big void in the Tejano music world. He wanted to honor Jimmy’s musical legacy somehow. So he came up with a fantastic idea of creating a tribute song to the great Tejano legend. He solicited the help of the man that had written many songs for Jimmy G, Humberto “Beto” Ramon. Beto graciously accepted and told Frankie that he would need a few days to write the song. That didn’t quite happen. Humberto called Frankie the next day to let him know that the song was ready to record. And that’s how “El Mundo Va Extrañarte” was born. Immediately Frankie enlisted the collaboration of up and coming artists Sarah Monique, Ricky Guzman III, Cristina Salinas (From Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz), Cezar Martinez (from Los Musicales, and Lisa Mar. Frankie said that rather than calling on well established artists to collaborate on the song, he wanted to feature up and coming artists since they were all, in one way or another, inspired by the late great Jimmy “Grammy” Gonzalez. Soon after Ryan Bazan was enlisted to produce the video to the song. The video was shot at a local venue and other RGV locations. “El Mundo Va Extrañarte was just released this week. Please enjoy!