Elida Reyna y Avante premieres official ‘Cierra la Boquita’ music video

“Cierra la Boquita” is a composition by Miguel Zola and Rodrigo Barbadillo, esteemed songwriters renowned for crafting hits in the Tejano and Regional Mexican genres. Produced by Lalo Reyna III, the leader of Grupo Avante and spouse of Elida Reyna, with executive production by Los Hermanos Martinez (Freddie Martinez, Jr., John Martinez, and Marc Martinez), sons of Freddie Martinez Sr., founder of Freddie Records.

Recorded at the iconic Legends Sound Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas, by Eli Molina, and mixed and mastered by Mariano Herrera, Lalo Reyna III, and Lorenzo “Papo” Banda (bassist for Grupo Avante), “Close That Little Mouth” is a vibrant cumbia with an infectious rhythm and a memorable chorus. The song narrates the story of a woman tired of hearing her ex-partner speak ill of her in public. However, with every story, there are two sides, and if her ex doesn’t quiet down, she’s ready to share her perspective.

The music video for “Close That Little Mouth” was directed by Lalo Reyna III, produced by Raul Nava and Interline Films, capturing Elida’s charisma, beauty, and talent, along with Grupo Avante’s musical prowess and energy in a picturesque setting.