In 2025, Yolanda Saldívar, the individual responsible for Selena’s tragic death, is seeking parole.

A family member of Saldívar has stated that she has undergone a significant personal transformation since the 1995 incident when Selena was killed.

In the annals of Tejano music history, the name Yolanda Saldívar stands out as one of the most notorious. She held the position of former fan club president and boutique manager for Selena Quintanilla-Perez, the cherished vocalist whose life was tragically cut short by Saldívar’s actions on March 31, 1995.

At the age of 62, Saldívar has been confined to a Texas penitentiary since 1995, serving a life sentence. Her potential eligibility for parole in 2025 has led her to believe that the time has come for her release, as shared by a relative.

According to the family member interviewed by MSN, Saldívar has undergone a profound transformation during her nearly three decades of incarceration. This transformation is reflected in her expression of remorse for the tragic event of Selena’s death. If granted parole, Saldívar aspires to rebuild connections with her loved ones and friends.

The family member conveyed, “She believes the time is ripe. She’s spent ample time within those walls.”

Saldívar’s safety has been a concern, as the family member revealed she has faced threats from fellow inmates. Consequently, she has been segregated from the general prison population and dedicates much of her time to studying the Bible and engaging in prayer.

The family member remarked, “Her faith has grown significantly. She professes having received God’s forgiveness.”

Nonetheless, there exists a significant divide in opinions regarding Saldívar’s potential release. Selena’s dedicated fans and her family have vocally expressed their firm opposition to the idea of Saldívar being granted parole. Abraham Quintanilla Jr., Selena’s father, shared with MSN that he earnestly wishes for Saldívar to remain incarcerated for the entirety of her life.

“I believe that she should never see the outside again,” Quintanilla affirmed. “What she stole from us is immeasurable.”

Quintanilla further conveyed his conviction that Saldívar’s actions were deliberate, dismissing her assertion that the fatal incident was a result of an accidental discharge. Saldívar has asserted that she inadvertently shot Selena while intending to use the gun on herself.

“I place no faith in her claims,” Quintanilla asserted. “Her words are untrustworthy.”

This sentiment underscores the complex emotions and divisions surrounding the case and its aftermath.