Intocable’s latest single, ‘Obsesión,’ represents a fusion of Rock and Norteño, composed by Leo Dan.

The acclaimed supergroup, Intocable, graces us once again with their latest single, “Obsesión.” This fresh composition hails from the renowned singer-songwriter Leopoldo Dante, famously known as Leo Dan. The collaboration between these two musical powerhouses has given birth to a dynamic fusion, blending high-energy rock vibes with the accordion-driven grooves of Norteño music. This showcases why Intocable remains an artist at the forefront of expanding the boundaries of Regional Mexican music and capturing international audiences.

The collaboration between Intocable and Leo Dan is born out of their shared admiration and deep respect for each other’s musical journeys. Their paths converged at a concert in Mexico City, and from this meeting, a creative spark ignited. Together, they embarked on crafting a song that harmoniously blends their distinct styles and musical influences. The result is “Obsesión,” an infectious melody weaving together rock guitars, accordion riffs, and commanding vocals.

“Obsesión” is now available on all major digital platforms, starting from September 8th. It serves as the lead single from Intocable’s upcoming album, slated for release later this year. This highly anticipated album promises to showcase further collaborations with diverse artists and genres, alongside original compositions from the group itself. Stay tuned for a musical journey that transcends boundaries and embraces a world of musical possibilities.