Jay Perez Receives Nomination for Best Tejano Album at the 24th Latin Grammy Awards

The esteemed Tejano artist stands a chance to claim his inaugural Latin Grammy with his newest release ‘El Patron’.

Jay Perez, renowned as “The Voice,” secures a nomination for Best Tejano Album at the 24th Latin Grammy Awards with his remarkable work, “El Patron.” This marks his sixth nomination in this category, yet the coveted trophy has eluded him thus far.

“El Patron” is an eclectic blend of Tejano, R&B, and pop influences that beautifully highlight Perez’s commanding voice and magnetic presence. Produced and arranged by Rolando Revilla, with co-producers Fabian Hernandez and Jonathan McGraw, the album features standout tracks like “Necesito Odiarte,” “La Rajita de Canela,” and “Vino Maldito,” featuring David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. Jay Perez expressed deep gratitude and honor for the recognition bestowed upon him by the Latin Recording Academy.

In a heartfelt video shared on social media, he conveyed his appreciation, saying, “I wanted to thank our friends over at the Latin Grammys, the Academy, for recognizing our category for Mejor Album Tejano. Freddie Records, thank you so much for all your support, and to all the artists and musicians that took part in this production, making this wonderful album, ‘El Patron.’ I can’t thank you, guys, enough. Thank you so much. Let’s bring one home.”