Lucky Joe reveals ‘Mi Güerita’ is inspired by his current relationship

Lucky Joe, the Latin Grammy-nominated singer and musician, has recently released his latest single, “Mi Güerita,” which he wrote inspired by his current relationship with Tejano singer Devin Banda. In an interview with Domingo Live, Lucky Joe shared that the song is an original composition based on true events. He explained that he wrote the song for his güerita, as she is his partner.

Lucky Joe and Devin Banda made their relationship public on social media in October 2022. Banda, a two-time Tejano Music Awards nominee, recently released a new single after a hiatus of almost four years from the music scene. In a social media post, Banda expressed her appreciation for Lucky Joe’s support for her decision to return to music, and revealed that he had written a new song for her. She referred to Lucky Joe as her person and expressed her excitement about their relationship.

Lucky Joe’s latest single, “Mi Güerita,” has a Norteño style ranchera with a catchy rhythm and was co-produced by Jesse Turner, founder and leader of Grupo Siggno. This release follows the success of his previous album, NORTEÑO Y PODEROSO.