Scream VI filmmakers studied Jason Takes Manhattan before making the NYC-set slasher sequel.

Unlike Friday the 13th Part VIII, the sixth installment of Ghostface is entirely set in New York.

Scream VI is breaking new ground for the iconic horror franchise in the Big Apple, there are four young survivors of Scream (2022) have relocated to get away from Ghostface Yet he still comes back.

“This film takes place right on the heels of the last one,” says Tyler Gillett, who co-directed Scream VI with Matt Bettinelli-Olpin. “It finds the survivors having moved to New York together to try to deal with, escape, move on from the events of the previous movie. They move to the big city because what kind of bad thing could happen in the city? Surely Ghostface won’t show up. And then Ghostface shows up!

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