Stevie D recently announced a duet with “Little Miss Dynamite” Shelly Lares. The song “Me Muero Por Tu Amor,” features some very well known musicians. Starting with the producer for the song, Eddie Perez also on the accordion and bajo sexto, Siggno’s Joey Jimenez on drums, Mario Ortiz on the keyboards, percussionist Richard Barron, and saxophonists Val Matos and Tina Martinez.
The idea started when Stevie D commented on a Shelly Lares Facebook Live video that they should do a duet. Shelly gracefully agreed.
Stevie D is very proud to have a collaboration with such star musicians on this project which was originally a ballad. It’s scheduled for release on May 27th.
Stevie D sent Mando San Roman a little snippet of the song and we’re sharing it with you, our Super Tejano VIP listeners. Enjoy!