Viral Tejano TikTok sensations The Ybarra Boyz record debut single with Los Chamacos honoring Conjunto legends

The debut single by The Ybarra Boyz, a brother duo from McAllen, Texas, has gained thousands of views and a lot of support for their TikTok videos helping keep Tejano and Conjunto music alive, The Single “TYB Special” is a collaboration with members of Los Chamacos honoring Conjunto legends with the instrumental medley.

“Los Chamacos are great mentors to us; this has been a great and awesome experience that we will always remember for years to come,” said brothers, Abraham Ybarra, 9, who plays the bajo quinto, and Rogelio Ybarra III, 11, plays the accordion. 

“TYB Special” is a mix of their favorite polkas, “Atotonilco” by Tony de la Rosa, “Sacate los Piojos Chencha” by Mingo Saldivar, and “Rosa Ana” by Tony de la Rosa. 

The Ybarra Boyz were appreciative to Roel, Edward, Ruben, and Hugo Moreno of Los Chamacos for their guidance and support and the opportunity to learn from great musicians while gaining experience that the brothers will always treasure forever, and for helping their dreams come true.

“We had an awesome experience, and it was an honor to be with you all in this,” added The Ybarra Boyz

“TYB Special” from The Ybarra Boyz is impacting radio now, and the tune is expected on all digital music platforms soon.