Elida Reyna y Avante fans are now getting the first look at what the artvork of their upcoming CD will look like. “Colores” is set to be released on Friday November 16th on all digital music platforms. The producer Lalo Reyna III posted the artwork on his FB page. Elida did as well, with the following comments: “So this is the new artwork for our brand new album Colores Due out November 16th! We had a blast recording it and we look forward to sharing it with you soon! If you liked Suavecito then you are going to love the second single! Video coming soon btw! Big thank u to Jimencio Castillón for always giving us exactly what we want thank u for seeing our vision and to Freddie Records for seeing us thru with every album these last 10 years. Big thank u to Adrian Gallegos BLG Management! ❤️
“Suavecito” is currently a power hit on Super Tejano 102.1. We look forward to the second single and the release of Elida y Avante’s Colores CD, which is names as such for it’s colorful musical variations on this production.

As a little treat, here’s the video to the first release of the Colores CD…”Suavecito” Enjoy!