Mariah Carey heralds ‘It’s that time of year’ in her annual video welcoming the holiday season. The iconic singer is all set for the festivities.

Mariah Carey has officially granted us the green light to start decking the halls with her customary video marking the commencement of the holiday season.

In her typical “Queen of Christmas” style, Carey shared an extravagant video on Friday. It features a secure vault, slowly unveiling the singer as she’s encased in a block of ice. A team of helpers, armed with hair dryers, diligently undertakes the task of “defrosting” her.

With a triumphant “It’s time!” sung by Carey, the task is nearly complete. As she effortlessly reaches one of her renowned whistle notes, the ice dramatically shatters, revealing the singer adorned in a festive red and white Santa jumpsuit.