“The Selena Memorial Statue is getting a vibrant makeover!

Mirador De La Flor is being enhanced with state-of-the-art LED lights, and here’s what it has in store for visitors.”

“Numerous admirers of the iconic Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, whose life was tragically cut short in 1995, have made the pilgrimage to the Selena Memorial at Mirador De La Flor in Corpus Christi, Texas. This memorial, adorned with a life-sized bronze statue of Selena, stands as a cherished tourist destination and a heartfelt tribute to her enduring legacy.”

However, if you’re planning a visit to the memorial in the next two weeks, prepare for a pleasant surprise. The Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department has officially announced a temporary closure of the Mirador De La Flor for lighting upgrades from November 1 to November 15, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., weather permitting. During this period, the Mirador will remain accessible to the public on weekends but will lack lighting until the upgrade is finalized.

This lighting enhancement project involves replacing the existing lighting with energy-efficient and robust LED lights. These LEDs will not only improve the visibility and aesthetics of the statue and its surroundings but will also make the site more captivating during the evening hours. These upgrades are part of a broader initiative to enhance all the bayfront miradors, which offer picturesque views of the Corpus Christi Bay.

The Selena Memorial – Mirador De La Flor was unveiled in 1997, commemorating Selena’s legacy two years after her untimely passing. The statue’s design is credited to H.W. “Buddy” Tatum, a local artist renowned for creating various sculptures throughout Corpus Christi. The lifelike statue portrays Selena in her iconic leather jacket, clutching a microphone – a familiar sight from her memorable performances. Additionally, the statue features a beautifully carved white rose on a dedication plaque.

Visitors from all corners of the globe make their way to the memorial to pay their respects and capture cherished moments with the statue. Many also leave tokens of their admiration, such as flowers, candles, and other heartfelt offerings. The memorial stands as a symbol of Selena’s profound influence on music, culture, and the Latino community.

For those eager to witness the Selena Memorial – Mirador De La Flor in its newfound brilliance, you’ll need to exercise some patience until November 15. But rest assured, the statue will continue to shine as brightly as the star herself.